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Patient and public involvement (PPI)

Working group

Through their experiences, patients and their families and friends are expert voices on cancer. We want to make sure that we include these voices and experiences in all aspects of the VIVO Biobank.

To achieve this, we will form a dedicated PPI working group composed of up to 12 people affected by childhood, teenage or young adult cancer, including patients and their families and friends to:

  • Help guide the long-term strategy of the Biobank
  • Help develop PPI involvement with the Biobank within the CYP cancer community and promote the work of the Biobank to the public
  • Provide ideas on how best to design strategies to increase the quantity of samples held at the Biobank, as well as increase research on the stored samples

We’re committed to creating an inclusive space to involve all people affected by cancer, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion or belief. We actively encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and cultures and believe that a range of views and insight will help us represent all people affected by cancer.

Applications are ongoing.

Please download the information below and have a look at what's on offer - we would love to hear from you!