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Sample Information

Sample collection - liquid samples

Bone marrow aspirates, peripheral blood, CSF from participants with both solid and liquid tumours are sent to UK Biocentre for processing and storage. Occasionally saliva or urine may be collected and these should be frozen on site then sent to Newcastle Biobank.

Additional samples (few ml) are collected during routine collection using sample packs and tubes provided and posted in postage paid safe boxes.

If possible, the following liquid samples are requested:

Bone marrow aspirate - 5ml in yellow capped ACD tube*

Peripheral blood - 5ml in purple capped EDTA tube (shortly to be replaced by collection in a Streck tube)

CSF - few drops in blue capped 'Falcon' tube

* Please note - ACD tubes may be used for several weeks after their expiry date with no detriment to the samples.

Sample collection - solid samples

Needle biopsies, surgical resections, frozen samples, formaln-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples mainly collected by liaison with patholgy departments and sent to VIVO Biobank on a periodic basis.

If possible, the following samples are requested from all solid samples:

Peripheral blood for DNA - 5ml in purple-capped EDTA tube

Peripheral blood plasma - 5ml in purple-capped EDTA tube processed into plasma (shortly to be replaced by collection in a Streck tube)

Fresh frozen tumour biopsy or resected tumour

FFPE tumour biopsy or resected tumour.

Sampling Guidelines for Haematological Samples

Sampling Guidelines

Sample time points for haematological samples